North London Floor Sanding

Our Story

What does the North London Floor Restoring company N17 do, precisely, and how can you benefit from it? This family-run firm started up almost 20 years ago, specialising in floor sanding for businesses and residential customers. This was when wooden floors were starting to become fashionable again, and our customers were so delighted with the passion and professionalism we brought to the job that they kept returning to us and word soon got around.​



We thought, and still think, that a wooden floor hidden under grime or carpets, or both, is like a genie in the house trapped in its discarded lamp. It’s our job to give the lamp a good rub and release the unsuspected magic! At the N8 North London Floor Refresh company we bring real passion to what we do best, and we take time to speak with our customers to give them what they want. It could mean sanding and varnishing a small hallway or completely restoring a much larger room. It matters not one jot, because we do what you tell us to. We provide you with advice and guidance, but it’s you who are in charge throughout the process.​



We decided from the outset that if you’re bringing something as eco-friendly as a wooden floor back to life, then you should be using eco-friendly products. So all of the stains, varnishes and seals we use contain no toxins so you’re not going to be poisoned! We take our strict green policy very seriously, and even where damaged floorboards need replacing we obtain them from sustainable sources.



Our N10 North London floor sanding team will turn up at the pre-arranged time and bring all their specialist equipment into your business or home to get on with the job. They’ll begin by repairing the floor, pulling out nails, replacing damaged boards and suchlike. Dust-excluding industrial equipment will then be used to sand the floor down and strip away all the old stains, grime and surface wear to reveal the fresh, living wood beneath.

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