How It Works?

Do you have it in mind to have your wooden floors in North London spruced up or completely restored but don’t know where to turn for help? If you have a home or business in N10 North London then the North London Floor Refreshing company is the natural choice for bringing out all the hidden potential in your wooden flooring. You may find the following brief guide a good place to start when considering whether to use our services.



Everything starts when you contact us at the North London Floor Renew team N17 by phone or by using our online form . They’ll help you book your free, no-obligation assessment for a time that best suits you, and will answer all of your questions.

While you’re waiting for the site visit why not take a leisurely look through our customer Testimonials? That way you’ll be able to get some idea of what our existing customers think of our services.

When the day of the appointment comes around our expert assessor will go over your floor to check its condition. You’ll also at this point be able to discuss in detail what you want to achieve and the finish you’re after.



The quote you get following this inspection and chat will be the final cost, with no hidden charges and no additional payouts further down the line. We’re completely transparent about this, and the quoted cost in writing is exactly what you’ll pay at the completion of the job.



Our North London floor sanding team N8 will turn up at the pre-arranged time and bring all their specialist equipment into your business or home to get on with the job. They’ll begin by repairing the floor, pulling out nails, replacing damaged boards and suchlike. Dust-excluding industrial equipment will then be used to sand the floor down and strip away all the old stains, grime and surface wear to reveal the fresh, living wood beneath.

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