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Are you at your wits’ end over whether to go for a basic sanding and polishing job or a comprehensive restoration of you wooden floor? Is your North London decorative parquet flooring simply begging for a bit of TLC but you don’t know where to turn? Here’s a summary of our N17 North London Floor Refurbishing company services to help you make a few decisions and get the process rolling. You can also call us to book a free onsite consultation via our contact page.


When you pull back the fitted carpet from any wooden floor it usually looks a disappointing mess. The sanding process strips away dirt and paint, and damaged floorboards can always be replaced or repaired. Most residential properties with the exception of brand new ones have wooden floors and when these get a good sanding they look fantastic. Incidentally, if you own a flat you should check your lease before doing any sanding.


If you’re new to this type of DIY we would not recommend that you try it. We’ve stained literally thousands of wooden floors and bring a wealth of expertise to the job. A badly stained floor is not a pretty sight. Stained properly it should have a rich and even depth of colour to it. It is all too easy to give it a patchy and dull appearance by not staining it correctly. Be sure to take a look at our Gallery and at our customer testimonials to see that we deliver the real goods when it comes to sanding and staining floors in North London.


The short answer is ‘yes’. Dust mites that cause this and other allergies live in soft furnishing and carpets. You can easily clean bare floorboards and any rugs you lay on top of them can be thoroughly washed and dried to kill the dust mites.


The longevity of any floor is largely down to how well it is maintained and how much traffic it experiences. A good wooden floor that is subjected to average traffic and is kept in a good state of repair should last for at least a decade and usually much longer. Our free cleaning kit, given to you at the end of a sanding and finishing job, will get you off to the ideal start and ensure that you enjoy your new wood floor for many years to come.​


Our entire range of finishes is eco-friendly and free of harmful synthetic chemicals. If you or someone else in the property suffers from an allergy you’ll be perfectly safe and in fact better off than if you had a fitted carpet. Dust mites, which cause many allergies, love carpets and soft furnishings so they’ll have to relocate if you remove their preferred habitat.


Parquet floors are a special case. They have become quite popular again in North London N10 homes and businesses but they demand a gentler treatment than normal floorboards. Our sanding teams have all the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to handle them with the requisite tenderness, so there’s no cause for concern if you’re fortunate enough to possess one and want to bring it back to life.


Restoration of parquet typically involves the delicate replacement of small separate tiles, which is quite a challenge. The old bitumen-based adhesive can be a nightmare, so you should leave this job to experts like the North London Floor Sanding team N8, because they’ll know exactly how to handle such sensitive flooring.


Even just repairing a parquet floor needs patience, skill and expertise as well as specialist tools. Changes in bonding technology also mean that we have to remove the old bitumen and replace it with modern adhesives. It’s tricky and frequently messy work but our parquet floor team are used to it.


It’s a fact of life that even the best-maintained hardwood floor will eventually start to lose its shine and vibrancy. Polishing is an option if you just want to spruce it up without getting involved in the (minimally) disruptive sanding and finishing process. The floor will however require buffing first to make sure that it is clean and dry enough to take the polish properly. Wood floors should be polished at least once every two years in any case, to keep them looking good.


Gaps between individual floorboards cause annoying squeaks but they also allow heat to escape so they end up costing you hard cash as well. We use slivers, resin and silicon to plug the gaps of an inefficient floor and ready it for the sanding and polishing process. It’s a quick and simple part of the preliminary routine and will ensure that your floor is thermally efficient as well as firm and quiet when you walk on it.


Your floor should last for many years once it has been professionally sanded and finished by our North London Floor Sanding experts. To keep it in absolutely tip-top condition, however, a certain amount of routine maintenance is needed. It should be buffed and polished every couple of years, and where high traffic is involved this should be done annually. Smaller repairs can be dealt with as they happen. We’re always available for advice on this and any other aspects of floor repair and maintenance in North London business or residential properties.


The North London commercial floor sanding team will be happy to work outside of your regular hours of business to minimise disruption. There’s nothing like a gleaming expanse of office flooring to impress customers and clients and create that all-important good first impression.


Schools often have unusually large expanses of wooden flooring in their hallways and corridors, presenting really challenging environments for carrying out floor sanding and finishing work. Our North London Floor Repairing team have the equipment and experience to handle these conditions and make sure that the floors of schools and colleges in North London look great from term to term. Our equipment ensures that excessive dust production is not an issue and we can arrange for a visit during the holidays to keep disruption to a bare minimum.


If you want a completely natural finish to your renovated wooden floor then waxing is the way to go. The finish achieved by waxing is deliciously mellow and soft and the floorboards will be able to breathe. This process requires two applications of hard wax oil, a mixture of naturally occurring vegetable oils and waxes. It achieves an ideal balance between lacquer and natural oil and its look, feel and durability have made it wildly popular in North London homes and offices.